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Super Mario - Toad Plush

Super Toad Plush


Package Quantity: 1

One of the key features for this product is the collect all five characters from our super mario plush series. Other features include things like for ages 7 and older. UPC# 013964473643. It's 7.1"H x 4"L x 7.9"W. The warranty information supplied by the manufacturer is: ninety day warranty against defects. Selecting a Super Toad Plush .


152167 Features: -Super Mario-Toad plush. 5 tall. -Toad plush character from the Super Mario series is measured at 8. -Little guy is perfect for cuddling, collecting or both. -Toad is wearing his classic blue vest with yellow trim, white pants, brown shoes and his smile to top it off. -For ages 7 and older. -Collect all 5 characters from our Super Mario plush series.


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